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COVID-19 Spring Boosters

COVID-19 is more serious in older people and those with a weakened immune system. Protection from the vaccine may be lower and may decline more quickly in these people.

For this reason people aged 75 and over, those in care homes, and those aged 12 years and over with a weakened immune system are being offered a spring booster vaccination against COVID-19. If you are in one of these groups you should be offered an appointment around 6 months (and not before 3 months) since your last dose of vaccine.

Although vaccines are expected to provide good protection against severe COVID-19 disease, protection against mild infection with the Omicron variant seems to decline quickly, even after the booster dose. This spring booster is being offered as a precaution to those at extremely high risk, most of whom received their first booster around 6 months ago. If the number of infections increases over the summer, this booster should help to reduce your risk of being admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

For more information please see the NHS website: How to get a booster dose of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine – NHS (

Copies of this information in can be ordered in large print and braille for those who are sight impaired, and are available in audio and British Sign Language versions for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. You can find these at the website here: COVID-19 vaccination: spring booster resources – GOV.UK (